Ousley Educational Fund

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I am over 18, do I need the have my parents sign the application?

Yes, the parent signature certifies that the information in the application is true and correct to the best of their knowledge. For new applicants the parent signature also verifies their residency in Klamath County during the 4 years you attended high school. Generally, students are still dependents of their parents and claimed on the parent’s tax return. The FAFSA form also includes the parent’s tax information.


Where can I find my Student ID?

This is the Student ID your college uses to identify you. We use it to assist in crediting your account at the institution you are attending.


Which application do I fill out if I am already in college?

If you have never received an award from the Ousley Educational Fund, you need to fill out the application for new applicants. The renewal application is for students who have previously been awarded a scholarship from the Ousley Educational Fund.


I’m a college student and have never received an Ousley scholarship.  Do I need to send my high school transcript?

Yes, that’s how we verify your four years attendance at a high school in Klamath County.   We also need your most recent college transcript.